Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Splats of Resolution

It’s day 23 of NaNo and after convincing myself that there would be no way in heaven or hell that I’d be able to finish in time, I think I can make the 50k word mark in time. However, finishing the novel is another thing. I think it’s more of an epic 80k than 50k and now that I know how it’s going to end (finally, this morning, after weeks of thinking ‘what on earth now?’ I have found a resolution to all of my characters that doesn’t involve having them drown in a tsunami).

So, at the moment, Sarah has escaped with the unicorn from her life at The Oak (the den of all evil according to the local monks and they wouldn’t be far wrong). Meanwhile, one of the monks has escaped the abbey and is now travelling along with Sarah, the unicorn, and a knight’s horse (it was borrowed, I tell you, borrowed!). The knight is travelling with a serving boy who is really a girl and now the knight has fallen in love with Sarah’s dark (in every sense of the word) sister who has found some magic of her own and is travelling to the summer faire to join with royal minstrels. Whew! Now that everyone is out and about, it’s time to bring them all together.

I’m not telling you what happens next, only that I’ve got good plans for them all (well, some comeuppance plans for others) and that all the loose ends will be tied up in some form of knot (hopefully a tidy one and not a frayed mess).

As for PiBoIdMo, well, I wrote out about 13 picture book ideas and realised that it was cutting too much into my NaNo time (and my sanity), so I think I’ll just go with the ideas I have down and use them throughout the year as needed.

The builders are still about (drilling madly ATM) and look to be yet more subcontracted builders, but they are good (and very early…started at 8am, my poor neighbours). I’m so happy I’m escaping for half the day. I think I might go postal with all this drilling. The cat is certainly not impressed.


  1. okay, so I posted a day late. When I got home from my fun day yesturday, I found that the builders had gotten so full of energy that they demolished my retaining wall for the strawberry patch, leaving about 1.5ft of earth wall and roots exposed to frost. Oh, happy days. What on earth inspired them to do this? I'm sure it was punishment for enjoying a cream tea...

  2. random note: the hubby thinks that the word 'utilitarian' sounds like an offshoot of the communist party. Couldn't stop laughing. I also wondered if I every called someone 'nonutilitarian' would they know it was an insult?

  3. I think writing 50,000 words in one month is great, whether or not the novel is actually finished. I've slowed down a lot over the past few days between working and everything else. I still hope to finish the first draft, but we'll see. The main goal is the 50,000 words. :)

    And, the poor strawberry patch!

  4. :) yes, the end is in sights!!! I must admit, I am distracted by the list of things the builders need to do still (including reinstating the strawberry patch wall). They've also got to replace a broken window they put in, add a drain, do electrics, and more... I think they're going to do the electrics then try to run away...