Monday, 18 April 2011

baby ink

Ah, the chickens are nestled in the grass, sleeping with their wings out to the sun, the cat is snoozing on my bed and the baby is (finally, thank God) asleep. Just what I should be doing. And yet, I’m here at the computer blogging. How tragic :) It’s been a manic few months with very little writing having found its way out of my pen. Any spare moments have been used for keeping on top of my work at Wyvern Publications (the coming together of the anthology Fangtales and sorting out the final texts for the next Pixiefoot Press book, All in the Woods). I have a list of ‘must do’ and, although I’m getting to some of it, the bulk is being left behind. My story for the angel anthology has been edited thanks to some fabulous editing suggestions from the Bridge House editor, Debz – and I’m eternally grateful for being asked to dedicate my story to an angel in my life. Having had no doubts in my mind at all or even a moment’s hesitation, I’ve dedicated my story to my late Grandmother Elizabeth Gunn. I know she would have loved it! Having the angel story accepted was a great boost for this year and also a kick up the rear to get organized and on top of all the writing I’d intended on doing. The words of many friends and family echo back – “You’ll have lots of time with a new baby, all they do is sleep”. Of course, leave it to me to have a vampire baby who likes to be up at night, hates the daylight, garlic, crosses, and actually pulls her hand and arm around her mouth at feeding times in the same way Dracula does in the fabulous old Hammer Horror films. Sleep? Not usually – she’s too busy plotting how to take over the world. Little diva aside, I’ve got a plan (don’t laugh). One that should actually work this time. I’ve also got a new anthology to write for (fingers crossed I get it done in time). All works needing representation are going to be listed on this blog at the bottom of the page, and I’m going to make sure to send out at least one submission a fortnight (yes, not that much, but its all baby steps for now). New fiction may find its way onto the pages, but this year is going to be all about getting an agent (it was sooo close last year, I was even asked to resubmit something before I lost his attention). Wish me luck! And sleep… could really use some sleep right about now.