Monday, 8 November 2010

builders from...

Ah, just 8 days into NaNo and we've hit a brick wall. Well, a conservatory wall really. It's already 10:20 and I've not written one word. You see, the builders are supposed to arrive today (after not having appeared last week) and I'm guaranteed by their secretary that they WILL be here. Sometime. Today. Can I write a single pronoun? Nope. Not while waiting for builders. Will they show? Will I be able to write as I'm pacing furiously up and down the carpet?

Methinks they are at the pub waiting for it to rain so they can bunk off work.

Okay, enough with my ranting and back to NaNo. I can do my 2k word target today, but instead of being before lunch, it's likely to be after. I suppose now is the time to work on my PiBoIdMo portfolio. I'm up to 7 picture book ideas, about three of them I love and the others I look at skeptically. I've also got this story that's been floating in my brain for the past few years and I'm loving the idea of writing it out in a journal, longhand by candlelight in the conservatory. No, wait... can't do that now can I?

Bloody builders.


  1. Hoorah, the builder has arrived! Work is underway and my 2k target is ready to be hit :)

  2. Builder and Nano update: I'm 1k words behind (curses!) and the builder who arrives in the morning is a subcontracted guy who works great! JV conservatory people have been really crap at communication and the owner told me that it was him and his son doing all the work (lies, all lies). I think the ultimate result will be a nice one as so far they've got a good subcontracted builder (whose details I've taken down and will be using in the future).