Tuesday, 2 November 2010

nanano splatterings...

So, we're two days into NaNo and I've been very good so far at keeping to my word length. 2,160 words yesturday and today I've got 180 more to go before I reach my target of 2k. As I've just finished a big scene, I'm resting up for a few minutes before I plough into the next one.

Last year I used NaNo to just help me format and edit Blood Tide - the rough had already been hashed, so in that sense, this is my first REAL NaNo year.

It's nice to have something to focus all my time on as I'd just received a rejection (sniff) with a 'can we hold on just in case one of the REAL writers backs out?' Well, of course they can, but I do feel like a leftover Christmas sprout.

Ah well, back to the last of my word count for today...


  1. colour me insane, I've just signed up for PiBoIdMo 2010 - a picture book idea a day. Gulp!

  2. Great job with NaNo so far! I wrote 3393 words yesterday, but I haven't started writing yet today.

    And, that's too bad about the rejection. Hopefully someone will back out. :) I got a rejection on Saturday with a "your story is very good, but it didn't quite fit with the other stories we chose." *sighs*

  3. Wow, 3.4k words is pretty good for one day! I'm finding it difficult to focus on writing after work - got less than 600 words done today and it's already 8:30. It also feels like my manuscript is very shallow, but I suppose we are supposed to go back in December to make it better.

    Sorry about your rejection :( But at least it's not a problem with your writing...just their silly wrong category ;) Have you sent anything to Pill Hill yet?