Thursday, 18 November 2010

soo behind...

Gulp 25k and we’re well past the halfway mark. Is it possible for me to finish on time? I’ve got loads of appointments this month and I’ve not been writing very much at the weekends. Not to mention the whole problem of losing steam, having my secondary character upstage everyone else and two background bods that have now got their own story thread.

The whole novel at this point is looking like absolute rubbish. It doesn’t help that whenever I put up a new chapter, instead of working out the next, I go onto the baby website that has absolutely no new information to give me. Sidetracked. That’s what I am. This is probably the last time I’ll have time to set aside to just write and all I can focus on is what things are going to be like with my new addition. Ach! NaNo was supposed to help distract me from all of that.

Okay, but batten down and really get to it. I can finish on time, I just need a bit of focus – and not get sidetracked by what the baby room will look like once the new conservatory is built, or what new Victorian dress I fancy making (ooh, that green 1860’s dress on the back of the museum catalogue has a nice bustle to it and I can wear it next summer….).

No more distractions. Really… On to chapter 13!

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  1. I still think you can do it, Holly! Good luck! :D