Wednesday, 13 October 2010

sneaky inkings

I do remember a time when I had a load of short stories without homes. That was sad. Like bringing up well-behaved children only to have them sent home because their literacy was at the wrong level. No bad writing...just misplaced.

Then I started reading other blogs. Of writers. With publishing success! They had lists of where they got published (hoorah) and to be honest, their work wasn't 'blow me down awesome'. I thought if they could do it, so could I. And then I pirated their publishers - sent things to publishers that they had had some luck with. It worked! I had two acceptances from Pill Hill Press, one from Rebel Books, another one from Bridge House Publishing (one of the ones rejected from Rebel was the one that Bridge House took). I'm still sending things out and I feel much more confident about it.

On having read up on other authors on these publishing websites, I found a new list of publishers than I can send to. I feel a little lazy - letting others do all the research for me - but hey, I'm supposed to be all piratey and now I'm stowing away...

So for other literary pirates, here is a list of links that have helped me find homes for my fiction: this is a great forum where people can post their successes and publishers. A US publisher who ALWAYS has something to send to. They pay too... A UK teen fiction publisher A UK publisher with mixed genres.

Have a look at the author pages and see where they also have had some luck. It's good fun and a load less expensive than buying the Writer's Yearbook each year.

Have fun!


  1. oops, and not forgetting my own publishing company (again, look at the author pages to see what other people have been published in)...

  2. Those are great lists! I've been trying to get into the anthologies at Pill Hill for a long time and I finally made it into the Necromancer one. Which one are you in?