Tuesday, 26 October 2010

author copy

My author copy of Devils, Demons and Werewolves arrived in the post last week and I spent all of my work lunch and train time reading it. There were a lot of Twilight inspired stories - the best of which (in my opinion) was where the real vamp threw the book away, pissed off at the descriptions of sparkly skin. I couldn't stop laughing!

Overall, I thought there were some great contributions and it was good teen reading. My all time favourite was a story called 'The Wild Ones' and in my head I keep repeating 'the three silver rules' stated in the story.

All in all a good read!

There are three other anthologies (not counting Mertales) I've been lucky enough to be featured in. I didn't get author copies of these, but they are on my Christmas list, so I will (hopefully) have a chance to read the other stories soon.

I only meant to write two short stories this year and focus the rest of my time on my WIP, but I kept seeing call for submissions and being the easily distracted author that I am, I dropped the WIP and worked on the short stories. I suppose it's nice to have more books with my name in them... instant gratification! I've sent two more stories to Bridge House recently, but I know that competition is fierce and my chances are slim. Then there is that other anthology for Pill Hill... no, wait. WIP. Must work on WIP...

I really need to stop getting so distracted.


  1. Some of my favourite films were spawned by short stories so they are not necessarily the poorer cousins of the full novel.

  2. Do worry about distraction. Short story writing is good practice. Congratulations about getting published in all those stories.

  3. Thanks both :) BlooMarine, the short story is making it's own waves :) I love watching The Hunger (TV show), especially as one of my fave authors does one of the shorts (Charles D'Lint).

  4. Cute and funny! I'm positively going to buy that! Hahahaha!