Tuesday, 5 October 2010

my first post

Hey, look at this, I'm finally blogging! It took a while and although I have added posts to other blogs I follow (mainly writer and crit blogs), I've never set up my own (outside of Myspace).

So the point of this is to focus on my works in progress, books I've been published in, and general inky things. I've had some good luck this year with getting short stories in print with various anthologies so a big part of this is to help me remember where my works are. I've also been sidetracked from my own writing as I've been devoting most of my free time to Wyvern Publications. For the last 12 months it's all been about other writers and helping them achieve their publishing goals. While, I've also been writing in bits here and there, most of my literary ink splats had been penned out the previous year when I was in-between posts (having left the cold and wet outdoors at Suffolk County Council Archaeology Service and been swepts magically back into casual service at Colchester Castle).

So, now that my weekends are my own again and I get a few more writing hours a day, I'm going to devote at least some hours a day to my own projects and not get distracted by editing other things (I must keep telling myself this or I will forget).




  1. Hope you get into a good flow. You have had a great year so far with short stories and with helping other writers get published. Looking forward to the Mertales launch

  2. Thanks Dulcie, see you at the launch!