Thursday, 18 June 2015

Long Haul

Here we are, halfway through 2015 and I'm finally getting back to my blog post. It's been an unusual few months - international move, new everything, new way of doing things and more computer complications (I'm currently writing this on my IPad rather than the new ACER computer... let me say I really, really miss my old DELL).

All my research from last year was packed on the container ship along with my personal research library. My computer had crashed, but I'd backed up all my files and photos on a memory stick as I knew I didn't have much time (as all good things must go, including the 8 year old laptop). Then I accidentally left the memory stick with my things to be shipped on the container (which took over 3 months).

So, I'm pleased to announce that despite all the setbacks, the historical fiction WIP that I'd spent all of last year researching for, is nearly drafted. Just 7000 more words to write (ish) which, at my current schedule means the middle of next week. Hoorah! Bliss! 

I'm a little sad that I've lost about 300 photos I'd taken during my research (Tudor strongholds, castle grounds, etc) as the memory stick apparently doesn't do photos very well. But that just means I have an excuse to go back and take more. So what if I'm on the other side of the planet - what's life without a little travel? Historical Novel Society 2016 will be in Oxford and I'm very excited about attending.

I would write more... about Catherine of Aragon, about my character Elspet and the cipher she's discovered, but well... I just need to finish a few more scenes. TTFN

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