Monday, 18 July 2011

Chick Ink

Ah, it’s sunny, no, it’s stormy, wait… it’s changing again… Okay, so the weather seems to be mimicking my to-do list this week. I’ve only finished about a third of my short story for cold moon press. I’m loving writing it, but I keep getting distracted by things like jewellery making, weaning babies, new chickens, press releases for Wyvern, and the other random distraction like going into Tindalls craft shop and deciding that I really can gold leaf items professionally even though the last time I tried, the end result was appalling.

So I need to focus. I will finish the short story… But first, I’ll submit my poem to them. Yes, I broke down and really did it. After years of not doing poetry I was struck with the muse – it attacked with vigour and the end result is probably very laughable, but it’s going to get sent out anyway. Then I’ll finish my story. Really.

Not that finishing the story means it will get accepted. I’d been spoilt last year with so many yeses from anthologies that I’m still trying to take in not being accepted into Pill Hill’s Holiday Horror Massacre. Was it not bloody enough? Were the scenes of blood and flaying of humans not dark enough to secure my place in the bloody anthology (not cursing, just describing). I’ve not heard back so I assume it’s a no if they say they’ll get back to authors by the 15th of July.

At least things are going smoothly with the little Vlad impersonator. She still tries to suck my neck, but the fangs have not yet come out, despite the constant hand-chewing and saliva dripping. And we went to the St Botolph’s event in Colchester and got a Victorian photo done. I did try not to laugh, but the curatorial team were all bouncing behind the camera, trying to get her to look at them and smile.

Other than that, it’s been chickens this and chickens that. Poppy is being a real terror to the newbies and getting Ruby (head chick) to chase them. Star hides in the corner and because Gemima puts on a bold face, they go for her every time. Poppy is in a separate pen now and just watches as the other three get along like a girl group. Hopefully she’ll calm down in a couple of days and we can re-integrate her with the rest.

My medieval dress is nearly finished but what I’m really excited about is my Elizabethan posh dress that should be finished in August. I’ve already made the pearl necklace which has passed the authenticity test (hoorah). Once my dresses are finished, I’ll post dates and venues of events I’ll be doing. Should be fun as long as the weather behaves…

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