Wednesday, 22 June 2011

lost ink

Sadly, I've had to remove one of my 'published in' books as it was supposed to be released last year and due to illness on the team, the book has not only been postponed, but possibly cancelled. I'm gutted about this because it was my first ever acceptance for a short fiction.

On an upper note, I'll be finding a new home for the tale after some re-edits and sending it out this week to new publishers.

Speaking of publishers, I've fallen in love. With Cold Moon Press and I am definately submitting something to their upcoming anthology:

I'm not sure what yet... I may attempt a poem - something I used to be told I was good at but never believed. I was published in a poem anthology when I was a teen but for some reason, I didn't take it seriously!

I've popped up a photo of one of my recent creations - and I'll be selling this sort of strangeness at the Norwich Christmas Fayre if anyone is interested.

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