Monday, 8 September 2014

HNS and missing teen readers...

(I'm in the stripes)
What a great three days – my first Historical Novel Society Conference touched on so many aspects of the industry.  The best though was meeting so many like-minded authors (even though Tudor era writers were highly underrepresented).  As I was travelling with my friend Laura Purcell (Queen of Bedlam author), somehow I ended up adopted by a largeish group of Georgian writers and learning all about William Pitt’s brother John from Jacqui Reiter (who took the photograph above and is sitting to my right).
            My Christmas list has grown with books I want to read – Juliet Greenwood is at the top of my list with her late Victorian novels that just look so good (not to mention she was in the top 5 list for kindle historical fiction books which is rather impressive). I also splurged on a copy of The Miniaturist and the author, Jessie Burton was kind enough to sign it for me.
            There were so many excellent speakers, but also an illuminating session with traditional agents, publishers and sales reps of the industry. One of the most less helpful aspects of this session was when I asked about the teen market for historical fiction and was promptly told by several of the panellists that ‘teenagers just don’t read’.  Which of course, is pretty much nonsense but has given me the gumption to re-write some of my previous work for the adult market.  Teen readers (yes, they do exist!) that I’ve met purposefully avoid children’s fiction but will read adult novels.  So, eh.  Doesn’t matter too much I suppose as I’m jumping ship on the whole writing YA. I may return to YA when Briardarke officially takes on Faeries, but for now I have until December to research 1513 and everything Tudor and from January to June to crank out draft 1 of my first Tudor Murder Mystery (under a pen name).
            So now that school is back in session (thank heavens for my 15 hours a week in which to work) I expect my future blogs to be history heavy. Fun times!

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