Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Colchester Medieval Fayre (formerly known as Oyster Fayre)

The Medieval Fayre was a wonderful experience and for the first time in costume, I set up as Seadrake Creations.  The chainmaille jewellery got a good amount of attention, as did the pure silver rings (one woman was kind enough to buy three at once! I gave her a very good discount). 

A couple of things made themselves known to me.  The first was that people don't like to make purchases when they are cold and wet.  The other is that I think I'll be targeting my work more towards authentic period items and less 'inspired by' items. 

Next on the list of things to make will be medieval cloaks (two as I bought way too much material at the fayre) and two medieval (1350's to be exact) hoods.  My tent is large enough to have a changing room and cloak rail after all.

I met some fabulous people and picked up a few commissions - I also learnt a bit more about various PLIs and the best way to start expanding my little business.  As one other trader said, 'I started so my trade would pay for my beer.'  So I'm starting small and having my creations pay for material (not that I don't like beer too).

Next fayre might be The Fairyland Trust Halloween Market... more to come!

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