Wednesday, 12 January 2011

more inky updates

I've finished editing two books for other authors and now I can get back to my own writing (hoorah!). After having started National Picture Book Idea Month, I've got a good file of book outlines and one finished picture book that I really love and would love to see in print. Aside from the fact that picture books are a bit difficult to place (especially when you don't have the artist already finished, but that's a whole different kettle of rejections), I still feel positive about being able to send SOMETHING out.

Not only that, but there are about 3-4 other indy publishers who are taking subs for fabulous anthologies (mainly for adults) and I'm tempted to go back to 'a short story a week'. Or am I just turning into a short story whore? Maybe I should be spending my time submitting my historical teen fiction to agents? I should really balance the two out. Truly. And I will... just as long as I don't get distracted or end up with too much Wyvern Publication edits to do this month, or start making more chainmaille jewellery...

Enough ranting... here's how things have been in my neck of the woods which is just right for sitting indoors and writing (or editing, or updating websites, or making things). Okay, so the image placed itself at the top of the blog. Sigh.

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  1. hmmm.. somehow Amazon has sneaked in an advert where I'm putting my books. And yet, when I go to delete it, it's not there. Highly suspect!!! Ah, well. Anyway, here's a note about the anthology up top (Rebel Wing) - it's been put on hold due to illness on the production team and may be many months before the preordered book arrives. Sorry about that! Really, I am as it was the first acceptance I'd received for a pritned anthology and it needs to be on my bookshelf.